N’East Essentials

Living in New England requires some tough skin and resourcefulness to get from season to season. Below are some stores and websites that I’ve relied on for the rugged essentials that get me through three feet of snow in winter and bottomless puddles in mud season.

L.L. Bean Would you be a true New Englander if you weren’t raised with those L.L. Bean backpacks that have the diagonal reflective stripe and the shearling Bean boots? Not only do they have the best customer service and return policy, their gear is affordable and durable. Keep an eye out for their more stylish Heritage collection coming out this Spring.

Patagonia The makers of puffy jackets and fluffy bear like fleeces. If you’re lucky (like me – yea for being only 5’3″!) you can fit into most of their kids items (significantly cheaper than their rather expensive adult wear). But either way, every item is worth the investment.

Barneys You wouldn’t think it would be on this list, but this rather swank store has been carrying tried and true lines worn by our fathers and our father’s fathers such as Filson and Woolrich.

J. Crew This is the best resource for solid sweaters, basic T’s and flannel lined jeans. It’s all about layers in New England. They’ve also been launching some cool collaborations with some classics like Sperry, St. James, Barbour, Liberty and Alden to make our wardrobes a little more snazzy.

Orvis If you need – fishing gear,  a Barbour jacket or a Hudson blanket shirt, this is where you go. It is also located in my home town so I was raised on the thrill of their massive tent sales in August.

Hunter You definitely need a pair of wellies to get you through mud season and these will last you forever. I inherited my mum’s pair that she bought when she was pregnant with me in ’84 and I’m still rocking them.

Your Local Hardware Store Everyone in New England has a local hardware store where they get their Carhartt essentials, leather work gloves and slip on traction cleats. Mine has always been rk Miles in Manchester, VT.


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