3liz4b3th rocks Hunter boots for kids

My good friend Elizabeth is witty, innovative and has a great sense of style. Which is why I was thrilled that she has resurrected her blog 3liz4b3th after a brief hiatus. Fortunately for all of us in New England suffering through the insane amounts of rain this month, her recent blog post is about her new Hunter Wellies! Being the smart cookie that she is, Elizabeth discovered that if you have a shoe size of 8 or under, you can shave $55 off a pair of Hunters by ordering the kid’s sizes instead of woman’s! Check out her adorable red Wellies above (and bonus, the kids’ versions come with reflective bits on the back – so you can stomp through puddles in the dark without fear of being run over by a cyclist). I told you she’s a genius.



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2 responses to “3liz4b3th rocks Hunter boots for kids

  1. and by your i mean you’re. KJ moment just then.

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