Vintage Ralph Lauren

Being in a “vintage” mood after attending the Top Shelf Flea Market yesterday in Davis Square, I wanted to do a post on one of my all time favorite flea market finds: red leather Ralph Lauren loafers. I found them for $1 at a market at home in Manchester, VT.  I find the best stuff when I go to our local thrift shop there: Brooks Brothers blazers, DVF wrap dress from the ’70s, Oscar de la Renta silk top. Plus, shopping vintage is one of the most eco friendly things you can do for your wardrobe. So put some cash in your pocket and head to your local thrift shop!



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4 responses to “Vintage Ralph Lauren

  1. How is it that people find amazing thrift finds and I never can!! I am so jealous. The thrift store in Man is also close to me so I better get shopping!

    • Yes, you had better! Your brother told me I have to go to The Thrifty Attic in Londonderry. We should plan a thrifting trip next time I’m up there!


      PS: Love Apothecary Fox!

      • He is the thrift store king so I think I should leave it upto you two! How funny that we should all have the vt link. Small world! I am your dad’s egg lady ( my job to deliver our egg to him while he is resting up at home). Next time you are back we need to hook up. Thanks for stopping by the apothecary.

  2. Chalice

    Amazing find!

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