Eltress Mitchell and Ture Bengtz

My aunt just sent me this jpeg of my grandmother’s portrait by renowned Boston painter Ture Bengtz. He worked with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and was one of the first painters to start a TV show about art back in the ’50s. I love collecting the stories and images of ancestors and family, there are so many treasures to be found.



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5 responses to “Eltress Mitchell and Ture Bengtz

  1. Christine's Dad

    Hi Chrissy,
    Just to clearify Ture’s wife name was Lillian. My mom, your gradmother’s married name was Eltress Mitchell. Did Nancy sent you the photo of mom & Ture that my dad took?
    Love Dad

    • Hey Dad!

      Oh I didn’t even notice that the title of the post looked like Mrs and Mr Bengtz. I changed it Eltress Mitchell, thanks for catching that! Nancy did send that photo and some awesome photos of her. They will be posted soon!

      your daughter

  2. What an incredible piece of family history and treasured piece. Family history is so facinating and you are lucky to have such a gorgeous portrait.

  3. Dear Madame
    We have one painting of him here in Mariehamn
    Best regards
    Harry Bergman

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