Happy Mother’s Day

This post is for my loving mother. I will always be grateful for her dedication to the three of us and only hope that someday I can be as wonderful a mother as she has been for us.

I didn’t have a picture of her to post here (all my albums are boxed up in VT), but I did have this funny little picture of the three rascals she had to raise. My sister hated dresses throughout most of her childhood so it’s funny to see her in one here. She is now an incredible painter and has an absolutely stunning likeness to Mila Jovovich/Molly Ringwald.  I love that my brother looks a bit hesitant about that horse he’s holding, I think friends of ours had just given us some new toys. He designed and sewed some of his own clothes, and I think the shorts he’s wearing here are one of them. He went on to be that awesome guy who crafted his own leather moccasins and designed dream tree houses. Then there’s me, that rather round little one totally engrossed in the ponies in my hands. When it’s all said and done, the three of us became who we are because of our parent’s love and support. So again, thank you mother for loving us and guiding us along the way.



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2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Christine's dad

    My Dear Christine,
    You are NOT round! You were a beautiful little girl and now a beautitul woman. By the way can I have a copy of the picture.
    Love your dad

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