PF Flyers

Right now I’m obsessed with the idea of leather hightops. Of course, EAJ beat me to the punch with these PF Flyers that he got last year and I haven’t been able to one-up him since.  They are the perfect hybrid of sneaker and leather shoe with an aesthetically pleasing balance  of leather and linen-ish material. The neutral colors make them incredibly versatile and EAJ wears them dressed down and up. Now, if only I could find an even better pair for myself.

PS Can’t forget that PF Flyers made a cameo in The Sandlot . . . just one more reason to wear them.



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2 responses to “PF Flyers

  1. Those are super rad sneakers! And yeahhh to The Sandlot- was so in love with Benny! Hope we can meet up in June in NYC!! xo, mel

  2. Benny was adorable, haha. Really hope we can meet up in NYC too! xoxo Christine

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