N’East Style Couple #2: Dallas and Liz

I got an email this morning from Dallas and Liz in response to my call for stylish New England couples to be posted here on the blog. This adorable duo, though currently living in Italy working at an international school (yes I did turn green with envy when I read that and you should be too), are originally from the North East. Dallas was kind enough to include what he and Liz are wearing in this photo, which wasrecently taken in Piran, Slovenia (me – even greener with jealousy, if possible).  Dallas has on vintage Levi’s cords, a J. Crew madras and Ray bans and Liz is wearing J. Brand jeans, an adorable APC top and Ray Bans. They definitely hold a candle to N’East Style’s Couple #1, Fanny and Bill!

To see more of this adorable couple, check out ghostisland.wordpress.com and twitter.com/leisureclass.

Keep the N’East Style Couple contributions coming everyone! Email me at neaststyle@gmail.com. And stay tuned for N’East Style #3, a certain mens style blogger and his beautiful wife to be featured soon!



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2 responses to “N’East Style Couple #2: Dallas and Liz

  1. Liz

    A belated thank you for posting this picture, Dallas and I have just moved back to New England and though we are loving life in Cambridge it is nice to have your visual reminder of our European adventures!

    PS. Keep up the wonderful work I we thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!

    • Thanks Liz! You’re in Cambridge now? My boyfriend and I just crossed the river from the South End and now live in Cambridgeport. We’re loving it, but now we feel like we need to go on some European adventures!

      All the best

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