Ramblers Way Farm

Seeing as the temperature in Boston has taken a sudden dip back into the 50’s and drizzles all week, I find myself sitting at my desk in my chilly (still air conditioned) office wishing I had the fluffy fur of a sheep to keep me warm. As if the happy sheep of the world heard my plea, Ramblers Way Farm found me on Twitter (well I found them  – but I like the story better if they found me, like they are guardian sheep). This amazing farm in Kennebunk, ME was founded by Tom and Kate Chappell (the founders of Tom’s of Maine) as they set out on a mission to create a wool that was like a second skin – warm, soft, superfine and comfortable – and was produced in an ecological and responsible way. Tom and Kate have certainly accomplished their goal, creating undergarments that should be a wardrobe staple for any New Englander, perfect for layering or wearing alone. And if you’re a huge fan of sheep like I am, you’ll love the profiles of the sheep at Ramblers Way on the website. I like Isaac. Evidently he’s a bit of a bully but can be a sweetheart and has cool horns.



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3 responses to “Ramblers Way Farm

  1. Christine's dad

    Hi Christine,
    Did you know that Tom is also an Episcopal priest?
    Love Dad

  2. Christine's dad

    You are too kind! Of course everyone has their own special gifts, talents, and fashion sense.
    Love Dad

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