Date Night with Alex Grant: Sixteen Candles

Welcome to N’East Style’s second “Date Night with Alex Grant“. James at Secret Forts requested that we do Sixteen Candles and of course both Skip and I jumped on the opportunity to recreate Jake Ryan’s and Samantha Baker’s wardrobes. I think we can all agree that it’s one of the best films of all time . . . and Mad Max of course (more on Max later). Skip has put together a great look that perfectly emulates Jake Ryan’s modest charm with classic madras, khakis and boat shoes. I have always loved Jake’s look.  Both confident and humble. Nothing too flashy. Works every time. The guy really knew how to dress to make the girls swoon.

ACL Gant Shirt, J.Crew Chino, L.L. Bean Belt, Quoddy Trail Boat Shoes, Timex Camper

Check back in tomorrow for Samantha Baker’s look.



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6 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: Sixteen Candles

  1. Yes! Great post! Jake Ryan… swoon. Looking forward to Samantha’s look!

    Do you all take requests for this feature? 🙂

  2. Chalice

    Mad Max soon please!

  3. Thanks for sharing. What a peluarse to read!

  4. We pinned Date Night with Jake Ryan to our Pinterest board. Love this idea and your blog. Hope we are not showing our age by LOVING THIS to pieces. 🙂 Tammie – Community Manager at Bazaart

  5. Elvyn Pleasant

    Hello im lookin for the pants that Jake had on at the dance and when he was in his room tryin to call sam

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