Rugby and Flour Bakery

This Sunday, EAJ and I woke up with heads pounding (went out with friends on Saturday on Boylston St. – recipe for disaster), stomachs grumbling and weak in the knees. Everyone has  their own version of the perfect hangover cure, be it an unappetizing green concoction in a blender, a short stack of pancakes or 5 Advil and a gallon of Gatorade. For us, it’s the breakfast sandwich at Flour Bakery on Washington Street. No joke, this thing is delicious and soaks up everything foul in your body, leaving you feeling fortified for a Sunday full of SoWa market shopping, yoga and for any of you BAC students like EAJ, loads of homework. if you need some serious rejuvenation, top it off with a rasberry spritzer and one of Flour’s world-famous sticky buns . We did and it was definitely worth writing home about.

PS Note the Rugby flannel purchased at their notable sale a few weeks back.



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2 responses to “Rugby and Flour Bakery

  1. I like EAJ’s bracelet! Where’s it from?

    BTW, can I nominate you for Style Couple #4? 🙂

  2. I made it! I have been crafting leather and beading since highschool, my older brother taught me.

    Ohhh . . . we will be a Style Couple someday! How about you and Mel? You guys could be a Style Duo!!!

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