Date Night with Alex Grant: The Thomas Crown Affair

It’s the best time of the week . . . the beginning of the weekend and Date Night with Alex Grant. This week we decided to go cool and classic with The Thomas Crown Affair. If the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Thomas Crown is Pierce Brosnan and a fiery red headed Rene Russo, you need to get yourself to a library, Blockbuster, Netflix or YouTube and watch the 1968 version with the original talent of Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen. You won’t regret watching and taking style nods from this great film. As we are going into the warm summer months, Skip decided to put together Thomas’ beach outfit, a great combo of navy and orange. Some guys may find the vibrant orange too much, but trust me, it’s worth the risk . . . and you’ll look good taking the leap.

Polo Linen Bradford Shirt, J. Crew Board Shorts, Sperry’s Canvas Boat Shoe, The McQueen Rolex (via Sartorially Inclined), Persol Sunglasses

Check back in tomorrow for one of Faye’s looks as Vicki Anderson



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7 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: The Thomas Crown Affair

  1. Very nice. I like orange but it’s wrong for my skin tone. My son, however, looks great in it, so we’ll have to try this look on him–sans the Rolex of course.

  2. Matt Springer

    That film made me want to learn to play chess. And dress in suits. That being said, his three piece suits always seem to be the focus, I’m happy the focus is on this casual number.

  3. This look could totally be rocked by a lil’ one, but yea, smart move on not including the Rolex haha.

    Skip did a great job in finding this look from the movie. Opting for it over the three piece suits was a smart move on his part and I think we all appreciate it!

  4. I love the orange shirt!

  5. Nicholas

    You did a good job recreating this look but I think this was one of the worst outfits from the movie. You should have opted for the Baracuta or the Inverallan sweater, even though it may be out-of-season. The suits were great obviously but a bit flashy for my taste. They fit the role well though.

  6. mylvinomisol

    My eyes are stuck with the rolex watches and the shoes.

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