N’East Style Couple #3: Skip and Tish

The third N’East Style Couple is Skip from Alex Grant and his beautiful wife Tisha. Skip has been a fabulous supporter of N’East Style since its launch a couple months back and I have had so much fun collaborating with him for our Date Night series.  Tisha and Skip lived outside of Boston while earning their PhDs, Masters and law degrees at Harvard, Tufts and Boston College (honestly, I don’t think this power couple sleeps) before moving down to Delaware where they now live with their two adorable children. This photo was taken when Tisha was 6 months pregant with their son, Alex, and she is simply glowing! Skip is sporting a Black Dog hat, J.Crew T, Polo shorts and classic Jack Purcells and Tisha is wearing a J. Crew cardigan, Ann Taylor shirt, Gap pants and Kate Spade flats. Match made in N’East heaven.

PS Stay tuned for this evening’s Date Night with Alex Grant!!!


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One response to “N’East Style Couple #3: Skip and Tish

  1. Aw, what a lovely couple with fabulous style to boot!

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