Society for Rational Dress

Thanks to my recent trip to Uncle Pete’s Shop (who introduced me to several collections worthy of being obsessed with) my new favorite line is  Society for Rational Dress. Their line is composed of feminine shapes and tailored draping in subtle shades of greens, blues and grays. Their Spring 10 collection is exactly what I’ve been looking for to take me into the warmer months, without having to reach for childish or super girly frocks (a no-no in my closet). And as a woman, how can you not fall in love with a line with such a historically prevalent name.

“Towards the end of the 19th century, the London-based Rational Dress Society set out to reform women’s fashion by doing away with the constricting and deforming garments typical of the Victorian era.”



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2 responses to “Society for Rational Dress

  1. mjones

    I think it’s a shame that a company with such cool historical cred is projecting this kind of image. The constricting and deforming garments of Victorian times don’t seem much worse than anorexia today. I wish the Society for Rational Dress would also support rational health.

    • I completely understand your perspective. Do take heart that the F/W 10 shows for Prada and Louis Vuitton showed more femininely proportioned models. It’s a start eh?

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