Eddie Bauer Heritage Collection

Canoe Coat $289

Check Field Shirt $89

Camp Anorak $249

Fly Fishing Jacket/Vest $199

Canoe Henley $59

Fly Fishing Shirt $149

Having been born and raised in Maine, I grew up doing a lot of outdoor activities such as canoeing, sailing and fishing and finding the right durable clothing and equipment for such sports is essential. I was pretty impressed when I stumbled upon Eddie Bauer’s Heritage Collection and I found their versions of the American sportsman essentials to be the real deal. Above is a selection of my favorites from their canoeing and fishing collections.

-guest post by EAJ


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One response to “Eddie Bauer Heritage Collection

  1. Thanks for checking out our heritage collection.

    Eddie Bauer (the man) was an acclaimed fisherman and outdoorsman around the Pacific Northwest when he opened his first store in 1920, and we’re inspired by that legacy to continue to deliver authentic outdoor apparel today. Thanks for your stamp of approval!

    – Paolo, Eddie Bauer

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