Brunch in good company

This Sunday I meet up with some incredibly talented folks at Freeman’s in NYC for brunch. I had been wanting to meet them all for a while and was thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know them and put a face to a name or, in this case, to a great blog! Below you will find a list of their blogs, all of which I highly recommend you incorporate into your daily life.

(listed from left to right):

Shaun at Port Authority and Objects in Spaces

Gabe at The History of My World and Pleats Are For Lovers

James at The Mod Revival and The Mod Rockers

Rebecca at Style With Benefits

Melanie at Wrecked Stellar



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5 responses to “Brunch in good company

  1. damn! that’s what I looked like from the back. yikes! 😦

    i’ll post the group shot but i just noticed when i looked at the pic this a.m. that shaun’s eyes are closed! hahaha.

    so great to meet you!!

  2. Well, I’m still high off of my eggs that morning, I can’t wait for the next meetup next month, Chris, you are a doll.

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