Date Night with Alex Grant: Good Will Hunting

Just in time for date night. We decided to provide you with a Boston classic this week, Good Will Hunting. Maybe it will reignite your New England pride after the Celtics’ big loss last night . . . maybe not . . . there is only so much we can do over here at “Date Night.” At first Skip was a little nervous about throwing a look together for a guy who spends the majority of the film in a schlumpy t-shirt and pants, but I think what he concluded with is an easy-going New England outfit. Especially with the Danner boots – courtesy of Foster Huntington’s photo of his own that he posted on his blog, A Restless Transplant. But please be aware that you won’t become a math genius just by wearing this look.

Stay tuned for a “Date Night” special feature next week!

Red Polo Jacket, J.Crew T Shirt, J.Crew Easy Chino, Lands End Canvas Belt, Foster Huntington’s Danner Boots, Swiss Army Knife


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