Happy Father’s Day

For a girl, a Dad represents security, comfort and unconditional love. My father was exactly that for me. I consider myself and my older brother and sister incredibly blessed to have a father who has been so involved in our lives. He was the dad that would get just as excited about the Playmobile pirate ship as we did and proceed to spend hours playing pirates with us. Unfortunately, not many dads these days are as attentive and involved in their children’s lives as ours was. I could never thank my dad enough for being there so much for all of us, in our childhood, youth and now adulthood.



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10 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

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  2. Had the pleasure of seeing your Dad this morning as my Father’s Day gift to my Pops was to go to church with him! Added to that, the promise of making Pimms for the congregation for your Dad, I had to deliver for both of them. We are both blessed with a huge amount of love and unconditional support from our Dads. Happy day to them.

  3. christine's dad

    Hi Christine,
    Thank you for your very kind words. Sarah knows how to make Pimms. Thank you Sarah.
    God bless John

  4. Always available for parties, gatherings and some religious events…x

  5. christine's dad

    I still have the pirateship, along with all the other toys at the cootage in Maine. Here is the quote I told you about.
    ” I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure your realize that what you heard is not what I ment”. Robert McCloskey
    Love Dad

  6. Are you in the middle? You are so blonde! Adorable photo and an especially wonderful tribute to your dad!

  7. Super cute photo! I totally thought you were on the far right- looks just like you!! xo, mel

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