Gryphon New York

The classic trench carries a lot of style weight with it. It’s the jacket the makes anyone look classier and more respectable. It’s the jacket that can be re-invented with buttons, belting, pockets or piping and yet it still remains to be that old school stand by in every man and woman’s closet. Many people would immediately refer to Burberry when thinking of the trench coat, but I think it’s more fun to look at the smaller establishment that have modernized the classic. Aimee Cho, the adorable young lady behind Gryphon New York, has continued to design innovative trench coats over the past few years since the launch of her company. Throughout her collection, Aimee’s designs are weather appropriate, practical and manage to maintain a pretty meets tough aesthetic that makes the trench even more memorable. Sadly, my pockets are not deep enough to spring for one of her pieces, but I love browsing her collections and reading her very sweet blog.



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2 responses to “Gryphon New York

  1. Love these! Her designs are fresh with a modern twist on a classic staple. The third model is styled to perfection.

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