Date Night with Alex Grant: Back to the Future

Thanks to our friend S.M. Shewan for the excellent recommendation of Back to the Future for Date Night. Skip has really knocked this one out of the water. This look is spot on. So if you’re lady friend has a soft spot for Michael J Fox, jean jackets, colourful Nikes, or hover boards, you are in for the win.

Consensus Red Down Vest, Gap Denim Jacket, L.L. Bean Signature Tattersall Sport Shirt, L.L. Bean TJ.Crew Denim, Nike Air McFlys, Hover Board



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6 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: Back to the Future

  1. Haha, I love Back to the Future. I went to a Halloween party as McFly several years ago:

    P.S. Not to be snotty about it but the futuristic Nikes and hoverboard were featured in Back to the Future Part II.

    • You are so right! I forget to mention that Skip was actually drawing inspiration from the entire trilogy. You really can’t limit yourself with these classics :). And I commemorate you for your excellent McFly look.

      • Thanks.

        I understand. For the record, I don’t really recognize the third installment as real. Just the original and Part II.

  2. I used the trilogy tentatively because I also believe that part three was a farce.

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