Orvis U.S. Patent Collection


Selectism made my day with a first look of the Orvis “U.S. Patent” Collection for Autumn 2010. As my hometown (Manchester, VT) is also the hometown and birthplace of Orvis, I have the utmost appreciation for the company. The “U.S. Patent” Collection has gone above and beyond with a rather long list of items, including collaborations with Gitman Bros., Grown & Sewn, Taylor Supplies, Stronghold and many others. As Selectism so aptly puts it, “it’s a (almost exhausting) laundry list of the best that “Made in the U.S.A.” has to offer”. Head over to their post on the collection for more first looks.



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5 responses to “Orvis U.S. Patent Collection

  1. I rock their grosgrain ribbon watch and swear by it. That jacket is dopeness incarnate.

  2. want to pore over this catalog, w/ a Long Trail, at Candeleros. #zippy

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