Date Night with Alex Grant: The Great Gatsby

We have two special guests in this week’s Date Night: The Great Gatsby. First, Mr. Eli Getson from The Selvedge Yard gave us the brilliant recommendation of this classic film to include in our series. You can’t get much better than the dashing Robert Redford and stunning Mia Farrow. Especially when Redford and the rest of the male cast is outfitted in Ralph Lauren, which is possibly the best cinematic pairing of all time.

Second, we are happy to announce our first collaboration with Mr. Gabe Alonso. This talented young man is a deep mine of music knowledge and has created the perfect soundtrack for this week’s Date Night. So if you need tunes while you shop for some of the looks Skip and I put together, or something to play in the background while you sweep your partner off their feet, hop over to Gabe’s blog for the limited edition soundtrack!

Orvis Cable Knit Sweater, J.Crew Dress ShirtJ.Crew Knit Tie, J.Crew Bowery Pants, Cole Haan Belt, Monogrammed Belt Buckle



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3 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: The Great Gatsby

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  2. Love the head-to-toe cream look. Redford looks amazing!! xo, mel

  3. Eli

    You guys nailed the timeless elegance of the film and made it look modern at the same time. This makes me want to bust out my white gabs, white bucks, white linen shirt and pretend I am Jay Gatsby. Well done. I love the women’s wear post too!

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