Date Night with Alex Grant: The Great Gatsby

I don’t think I’ve made it a secret that I’m not much of a girly dresser. I’ll pick a blue blazer over a frilly top any day. So instead of recreating the diaphanous pink layers and lace hats from Farrow’s wardrobe, I thought it would be fun to create a look that she would have worn if she had raided Redford’s closet. The result is a contemporary take on the classic film’s wardrobes and completely wearable.

And don’t forget to download the exclusive soundtrack to this week’s Date Night, thanks to Gabe Alonso!

J.Crew Silk Cardigan, Rugby Ralph Lauren Embroidered Cotton Voile Dress, Ralph Lauren Paper Straw Fedora, BDG Laceless Oxford, Juliet and Company Baby Pearl Tassel Necklace



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3 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: The Great Gatsby

  1. pairdiem

    Nicely done! Who can dislike a two-tone wingtip?

  2. Love your contemporary take on this classic film’s style! Those BDG oxfords were in my hand yesterday at UO but I couldn’t wait in the long line to get them (hopefully they’re still there when I go back). They will look so cute with socks!

  3. Thanks guys! Yea I’m really loving the two-tone.

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