Stussy Girls x Vans

Thanks to my good friend James Fox from 10 Engines, I got my hands on some pics of the new Stussy Girls x Vans “Bailie” shoe. With the comfort of a Vans sneaker, dose of mens wear influence and a contemporary slimmer fit, these shoes are bound to become a favorite among the cool girls. “The Bailie is for the girl who mixes things up. She wears sneakers and heels, loves vintage, designer and street wear. And she rocks them all her own. She’s not afraid to make statements and her style isn’t dictated by friends alone. She’s part old skool and always new skool.”



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6 responses to “Stussy Girls x Vans

  1. These are nice. I like what your doing over here by the way. Representing the ladies perspective on all this style stuff.

  2. Sam

    These shoes are pretty great, any idea what the price is and where to purchase? J. Crew has a similar brogue but it is a bit pricey. Hopefully this one will be more affordable.

  3. Hey Sam, if you click on the “Bailie” link and select North America, you can just order them on the site. They are 70 bones so not too intimidating for the bank account.

  4. Sam

    Thanks for the quick response. New to the site, love what you’re doing. Just started a new site of my own, feel free to check it out: I’d love to hear what you think.


  5. Must! Have! Awesome find

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