Nigel Cabourn

One brand I’m really excited about right now is Nigel Cabourn. A designer inspired by all things historical and classic, Cabourn has been collecting vintage clothing for over 30 years, including salvaged pieces from the British Military uniforms, workwear and exploration gear. These vintage archives are the inspiration for Cabourn’s collections. Below are some of my favorite pieces that really exemplify the impeccable craft and historical integrity of Cabourn’s work.


Johns Pant

Jungle Rat

Denim Smock – a piece from Cabourn’s over 4,000 collection of vintage pieces

Cabourn’s first collaboration was with Yuketen. These bad boys, made from WWII ventile and Harris Tweed, are only available at their store in Tokyo, The Army Green. I’d say they are worth the plane ticket.



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4 responses to “Nigel Cabourn

  1. Oh my, the “Jungle Rat” sweater looks amazeballs.

  2. Wayne

    Only 50 of the Jungle Rat Sweater’s were made. 1 out of 50 is the sample and I have number 2 Out Of 50 in the grey. The picture is hand painted and it is amazing!

  3. Some really nice pieces in this collection. And Each season is is better than the last! I own the Desert Rat (the actual one pictured, number as #1 of 50) and the quality is unbelievable.

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