Cherry Gallery

Pair of Mini Canoe Paddles

Whenever Christine and I take a trip to Maine we love to head Downeast on Route 1 and stop in Damariscotta. One of our favorite places to go there is Cherry Gallery. Lead by two principles, Jeff Cherry and Kass Hogan, the gallery specializes in rustic furniture and accessories, Native American art and folk art. Here is a look at some of my favorite pieces.

Monhegan Island Maine Photograph, 1940

Old Town Canoe Model

Cottage Sign

Bears on Bracket Fungus

Ernest Stowe Wall Shelf

White Birch Tall Case Clock

Guest Post by EAJ



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3 responses to “Cherry Gallery

  1. LAV

    You keep referring to DOWNEAST in your posts. But, the area’s in reference are pratically suburbs, the real downeast is past Belfast and into Washington county.

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog! You are correct that the Downeast region is past Belfast (my dad’s family is from Sedgwick and Blue Hill). What EAJ is referring to is when you are heading Downeast on Rt. 1, you go by Damariscotta on your way (his mother is from here and his family lives in Boothbay).

  3. Christine's dad

    Hi Christine,
    In life there is always some expert out there to correct us no matter what we do or say. Sometimes it is helpful but more often than not said advice can be placed in the “lav”.
    As for “DownEast” the term originally comes from the days of sail. When a ship would sail from Boston to ports on the Maine coast the wind was from the stern. As the Maine coast is East of Boston, and the ships were sailing down wind they were sailing “downeast”. On the return voyage the ships were sailing upwind or “up to Boston”.
    It was only after Maine was discovered by”straphangers”, “flatlanders”, “rusticaters” and such that some folks began to narrow the definition. In short, your blog is great, and the name is right on.
    Love Dad

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