Date Night with Alex Grant: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

This week we have the ultimate bad-ass date night, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Which has actually got me thinking of all the other great movies with kicking-butt power couples: Bonnie and Clyde, Indian Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Italian Job . . . the list goes on. So maybe we need to create a series within our Date Night series concentrated on the tough and the rough dames and gents. Please email me at if you have any recommendations!

I’ve got Friday’s post this week with Angelina’s memorable look from the film. I honestly can’t say I know a man who would turn down a lady wearing only his dress shirt. Add some nice lingerie and red Wellies and your gold. But please, don’t pull a ‘young Hollywood’ and wear this in public without your pants.

Check back in tomorrow for Skip’s take on Brad’s look.

Ralph Lauren Fine Classic-Fit Poplin Regent, Hunter Wellington Boots, Rolex Yacht-Master II, Elle McPherson Dentelle Contour Bra, Elle McPherson Dentelle Culotte Brief



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3 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  1. Thumbs up … what kind of date would this outfit be good for?

  2. I’d certainly have to agree—can you tell all of your friends about this? It’s definitely something that needs to be known…

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