Peter Limmer & Sons

Dad’s Limmer Boots on Mt. Kilimanjaro

My dad loves coming up with post ideas for N’East Style. Having been born and raised in Massachusetts and Maine, he knows a thing or two about New England so his suggestions are pretty spot on. While home this weekend, he showed me his Peter Limmer & Sons boots, “These would make a great post! They took me up Mt. Kilimanjaro!”

Peter Limmer Senior comes from a long line of shoe makers in Germany. Following in the footsteps of his fourfathers, he obtained his Master Shoe Maker’s Certificate in 1921, relocated his family from the Bavarian Alps to Jamaica Plains, and opened up his boot shop. Here, he taught his two sons the trade of crafting his traditional Tryolean walking shoes and his Patented ski boots. The family then moved shop up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire where they continue to craft the leather Limmer Hiking boot, either crafted from a Bavarian made stock model or custom fitted to your feet.

If you are looking for the finest footwear for your hiking needs, whether it be around the Appalachian or up Mt. Kilimanjaro, Limmer boots will last you upward of 50 years.



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2 responses to “Peter Limmer & Sons

  1. Christine's dad

    hi Chrissy,
    Check out It is made in Vermont and just came out this year.
    Love Dad

  2. sweet boots- your dad has the best sense of NE fashion of anyone I know- even my 19 year olds love how he dresses! His style transcends generations- that defines cool!

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