Food Trucks x SoWa

Today marked the beginning of new tradition for Boston – the 1st Annual Food Truck Festival at the SoWa Open Market. With over 17 food trucks and stands, there was a variety of fare including cupcakes, hot dogs, Italian ice, and pulled pork. Though the lines were excruciatingly long for some vendors, the wait was well worth it once I had a large Dell’s Lemonade in one hand and pickles from Grillo’s Pickles in the other. One of my friends was not so lucky, having waited for an hour for BBQ ribs from M & M Ribs to find that they had run out of food only moments before it was her turn to order. But crushed hearts mend easy with falafel and soft serve. We came away happy with filled stomachs and ready to start a petition that the Boston Food Truck Festival be a bi-weekly affair instead of annual.



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5 responses to “Food Trucks x SoWa

  1. hear, hear for having more opportunities to relish in boston’s food truck scene! thanks so much for coming, and i hope you had a grand sunday out. gastronomically yours, christine //

  2. I so wanted to go to that. Dropped the ball. Sounds like it was a blast!

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