If you know me, you know that I love scarves. I think I have about 30 or more, all of them folded or stuffed into every nook and cranny in my closet. Italian pashmina, silk from Bali, woven cotton from Ethiopia, colorful wool from Peru, Scottish plaid – my scarves are from all over the world and I work them into every outfit and every season. I was thrilled when my friend James (of the 10engines cap fame in the prior post) told me about Symmetry, an accessory collection launching this Fall 2010. The collection is focused on scarves made of wool with unique grommet and chain details allowing the wearer to customize the scarf however they wish. Founders Ted Byrnes and Gena Tuso were inspired to begin the collection as a way to support the craft and artisans in the States, specifically their local Los Angeles where the metal detailing is designed and crafted by them and the wools from Japan and American made Woolrich are hand cut.



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5 responses to “Symmetry

  1. ted

    thank you!!! did you get our email?

  2. wow this is amazing. wonder if i could ever pull it off. maybe i’ll get one for @fifthandbrannan, and just borrow and experiment with it myself at home. haha. nice find C!

  3. really fabulous. great draping and great details.

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