Land Cruiser

My boyfriend Ted and I have had our hearts set on an old Toyota Land Cruiser for years now. Unfortunately, this dream has yet to become a reality because of our current status as city dwellers. This Land Cruiser (possibly a ’68) we saw while in Maine this weekend would be the perfect fairy tale ending to our dream. Ted’s parents saw it in a boatyard and told us we had to drive over to check it out. It’s in gorgeous condition and it’s pretty rare to see one with a white and green paint job. Seeing as forest green is my favorite color, I think this car may have been made for me.



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3 responses to “Land Cruiser

  1. Christine's dad

    hi Chrissy,
    Great find. As you know I used to like Land Rovers best until my trips to Africa. However when on on Safari in South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya I found the guides prefered the Toyota. Why? They last longer. Nevertheless I would still love an old Land Rover II. However, is that green & white Land Cruiser for sale?
    Love Dad

  2. Appreciate this post. Willl ttry it out.

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