Brave the storm . . . indoors

I’m looking forward to hurricane Earl cooling things down this weekend. Not just because it has been deathly hot this week, but because I honestly really enjoy massive thunderstorms. When I was little I would run around in my skivvies in the back yard during torrential downpours getting all good and wet. Seeing as I’m now an adult (if that’s what you would call me) and that I live in the city where running around in my skivvies in the rain would most likely be frowned upon, I’m content with being snug as a bug inside for the duration of the storm.  So when Earl comes knocking, make yourself a cuppa, watch some classic movies (my stormy weather picks are Barefoot in the Park and The Sound of Music) and get into something cozy.

Izzy Lane Wensleydale Ten Button Cardigan, Eberyjay Anouk Teddy, Happy Socks, Pendleton Legendary Coffee Mug



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3 responses to “Brave the storm . . . indoors

  1. I also love storms and there is nothing like the sound of hard rain on our tin roof, or sitting out on the screened in porch watching the lightening. Bliss! Love that cardi and Sound of Music is my all time fave movie for tucking up when the weather is bad out. Stay warm and cozy this weekend!

  2. I just ordered those socks for my girlfriend while she is in New Jersey. Thanks for the post!

    It’s going to be an awesome surprise for her.

  3. I was a bit disappointed when Earl turned out to just be heavy rain for a few hours in Boston.

    Happy Socks are such a good present! Your gf will be very happy I’m sure!

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