Point Blanket Shirt

For EAJ’s momentous 25th birthday this August, I got him the Point Blanket Shirt from Orvis. This insanely soft shirt sports the yellow, red, green and black stripes of the Hudson Bay Chief Blanket. The original blanket dates back to the early 1700’s and the the dark indigo hashes at the lower corner indicate how many beaver pelts were necessary to make a trade for the blanket. Rest assured, I wouldn’t let EAJ trade this shirt, even for 100 beaver pelts. I like rubbing his arm too much when he wears it (it’s so soft!) . . . and may even try and wear it myself as a jacket.



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6 responses to “Point Blanket Shirt

  1. Man, that shirt is beautiful. I’d wear it all through winter.

  2. Love that shirt- I’d wear it unbuttoned over a navy bodycon dress! xo, mel

  3. jealous! i think those are great pieces

  4. How can I buy the Hudson Bay Point Blanket shirt? I can’t find it anywhere. It use to be sold by Orvis.

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