That Fall Meme Look

In response to James’ challenge to meme his fall look (seen here on 10engines), I have made this into a look for the ladies.  I had to change 5* items to personalize the look so I  added some Phillip Crangi jewelry, worn skinny jeans, Malababa boots, Orvis watch, and a jug of Pemaquid ale . . . and you thought I’d change the pipe and tobacco. Ha.

Billy Reid x Levi’s Denim Shirt, Hill-Side Tie, J.Crew Denim, Orvis Prisoner’s Watch, Filson Tote, Filson Goatskin Lined Gloves, Corn Cob Pipe, Balkan #2 Pipe Tobacco, Moleskin, AT Cross Pen, RE Sportsman Glasses, Red Heel Monkey Sock, Alden Cordovan Wax, Billykirk Slim Belt, Pemaquid Beer – Sheepscot Valley Brewing, Malababa Pepino Boot, Phillip Crangi Pied de Biche Cuff and Tiny Pyramid Earrings



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