Porter by Yoshida & Co. Wallet

I’ve had my eye on this vibrant hunting orange Porter by Yoshida & Company wallet at Uncle Pete’s Shop for months now.  But, per my usual self, I always came up with excuses not to buy it for myself and to continue using my massive and thoroughly annoying wallet. Let’s take a moment and talk about this monstrosity. It’s about a foot long (I exaggerate, but it comes close), 2in thick, the once cream patent leather is now ruddy and stained, and best of all, the magnetic closure has messed with the magnetic strips on my ATM and credit card resulting in “5-swipes-necessary” every time I use them. Finally, during my last visit to the store,  I bucked up and treated myself. The wallet came with a Porter mesh pouch (attaching it to the inside of my tote bag to serve as an extra pocket) and a Porter nylon key chain (giving it to my boyfriend whose key chain broke recently . . . he has the same “can’t treat myself” mentality . . . which results in a lot of sharing). Porter by Yoshida & Company was founded in 1935 and prides themselves on their impeccable craft which is mirrored in their slogan, “HEART & SOUL IN EVERY STITCH”. I’m happy to say I now have some of that heart and soul in my pocket.


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