Date Night with Alex Grant: Vertigo

Halloween is almost upon us so it’s only natural that, for the month of October, Date Night celebrate the style of some of the spookiest, creepiest and scary movies. First in the line up, we’ve got Vertigo, the amazing obsessive 1958 thriller by the brilliant Alfred Hitchcock. For my woman’s look, I decided to take inspiration from Midge (played by Barbara Bel Geddes), Scottie Fergusen’s (Jimmy Stewart) old college gal and closest friend. I’ve always loved her glasses and her simplicity. It’s so honest compared to the chameleon Madeline/Judy (Kim Novak).

Warby Parker Fillmore, Bass Bellingham, A-line Woven Skirt, J.Crew Jackie Cardigan,



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4 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: Vertigo

  1. love those shoes! and the glasses. and the movie. 🙂

  2. Mau

    I like this one. Love the glasses.

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