Penfield Trailwear

Penfield continues to impress me with their collections this year, especially for Fall and Winter. Having been raised in Maine and Vermont, I have an eye for outerwear that is going to withstand the elements while remaining super comfortable for my everyday life. Penfield’s Trailwear collection hits the nail on the head with durable fabrics like their Hudson Wax Cloth and classic comfortable cuts. To boot, the aesthetic and construction of the collection stays true to the Trailwear archives and Penfield heritage which induces a homey nostalgic feeling for us New Englanders who grew up bundled in Penfield. Above are some of my favorite pieces for men and women from the collection.



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7 responses to “Penfield Trailwear

  1. the last one is killer. grab it!

  2. pairdiem

    Loving the khaki with the buffalo check!

  3. I know! It’s a fantastic collection for women. So impressed.

  4. I’m in love with all these pieces [and your blog.]

  5. LOVE how they’ve refreshed their signature look – pure casual class

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