Date Night with Alex Grant: The Shining

Skip’s lovely wife smartly suggested we do The Shining for our spooky October Date Night series. With it’s rustic setting and wardrobe, this film is the perfect material for Date Night.  The wardrobe was designed to convey a simplicity and ironic homeliness, echoing the grand but rustic surroundings, with thick woolen knits, large snow boots, corduroy, and coveralls. Milena Canonero, the wardrobe designer for the film, wanted the family to appear common and normal as their sanity crumbles and the evil spirit of the hotel possesses Jack and haunts Danny. Wendy’s outfit is the perfect representation of the hearty outerwear, flannels, and knits that appear throughout the film. But for a date, you may want to leave the baseball bat at home . . . hopefully you won’t need it.

Check back in tomorrow for Skip’s take on Jack!

Orvis Sandstone Bib Overalls, Orvis Ribbed Cashmere Turtleneck, Timex Easy Reader, L.L. Bean Wicked Good Flannel, Vintage Sorel Duck Boots, Wigwam El-pine Ragg Sock


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2 responses to “Date Night with Alex Grant: The Shining

  1. Love all of the layering- super cozy! xo, mel

  2. One of my favorite looks!

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