Spotted: The Perfect Bike

I saw this very cute and stylish girl at Sunday’s SoWa market and she had an equally cute and stylish bike with her.  I wish I had been able to take a couple close up shots but she was wheeling off just as I arrived. My favorite part is the small box at the back which was the perfect size to hold her purse and small brown paper bag of some baked goods no doubt. And to be honest it almost looked like a desk drawer that had been converted to a bike bin (if it wasn’t, that’s still a great idea). She also had bike pads (is there a technical word for them?) that were made of grey tweed. Simply classic set of wheels.



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2 responses to “Spotted: The Perfect Bike

  1. Christine's dad

    Don’t forget you have a Trek at home in Vermont. Would you like me to bring it to Boston?
    Love Dad

  2. Christine's dad

    Hi Chrissy,
    My sweet Lady Jane says you can have her road bike if you would like. Just two years old and in great shape. I am sure I can find an old wooden box to mount on the back for you.
    Love Dad

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