Red Green

There is this great Canadian comedy television show that Vermonters really love – The Red Green Show. The show aired on CBC in Canada and PBS in the United States from 1991 to 2006. Practically every one of my friends growing up had a dad who watched the show religiously. With good humored parodies on do-it-yourself, fishing, hunting, home improvement and all those other things that Vermonters and Canadians hold dear in life, this bearded man educates families across North America with tips on short-cuts for every project and the many uses of duct tape (“the handyman’s secret weapon”). Personally not only has Red Green been a longtime style icon he has provided me with the skills I need to get through life in New England. I always have a roll of duct tape on hand.



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2 responses to “Red Green

  1. Kate Hutchinson

    Had to chuckle at this, my whole family is a fan, particularly because of the resemblance between Red Green and my dad… who now always sports a pair of red green suspenders and a possum lodge badge on his flannel shirt.

  2. Your dad sounds like a very cool guy! Happy you enjoyed the post!

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