Rosie the Riveter

I’m so excited to be Rosie the Riveter this year for Halloween. Actually I can’t take full credit for the idea, a friend of mine was going to be Rosie but decided to go with another costume, so I snatched it up like a kid grabbing candy off the street. I’m thrilled to be a strong female cultural icon like Rosie for Halloween, especially in a day and age when so many women just add the word “sexy” to any character or costume they chose (I guess because they are in “character” it’s ok? Thoughts on this?).

My good friend James of 10engines is a book of archival knowledge and pointed me in the right direction for some interesting facts about the Norman Rockwell painting. Rockwell painted Rosie the Riveter for the May 29, 1943 edition of The Saturday Evening Post in his Arlington, VT studio (a town not far from where James’ and my families live). It was the first visual form given to this iconic figure of American pop culture; a monumental, muscular female, posed like Michelangelo’s Isaiah, and clad in American work wear. Evidently the model Mary Doyle (an Arlington resident) was quite thin when sitting for Rockwell and was consequently a bit shocked when she saw the final painting.

There are so many inspiring images of real life Rosies that I found when doing research for the costume. I wasn’t able to include them all, but a couple are above. The second of the two was found by Mr. Schenck. Forward me any images you find of real life Rosies at



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3 responses to “Rosie the Riveter

  1. Christine..this is so awesome. I am a huge fan of the Rockwell image of Rosie and she is such a cultural and feminist icon. Man..I wish I had thought of this for my costume! I didn’t know the Michelangelo reference to her form, but it totally jumps out at me know (sorry, hard core Renaissance art obsessive, comes form my undergraduate days). My nephews have narrowed down my choices to a witch (not sure what that says about me?) or Poison Ivy from Batman. Tough call…

    • James was a huge help with the post, of course 🙂 So excited to be her for Halloween! I’ve always wanted to be Poison Ivy so I vote for that! Hope to bump into you in Boston or VT soon!

  2. Never was too great at the whole dress up thing, so we’ll see! Somehow, I just don’t seem to have that particular creative gene. I know, we have to meet up before the year is out. Boston is tricky as I am there to look after the wee boys generally. How about a wee thanksgiving meet up in VT?

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