Tretorn Pop-Up Shop at Head of the Charles Regatta

The Tretorn Pop-Up Shop at HOCR

Women’s Skerry Boots

Nylite Canvas Sneaker

Men’s Strala Boots

Swedish Goodness

Tretorn Boots

Brigid helping out some customers

Today I had the great opportunity to cruise over to the Tretorn pop-up shop (tent) at Head of the Charles Regatta and take some photos for the blog. Brigid, who currently does marketing for Tretorn, was able to chat with me about the shop and the brand. This excellent Swedish company, known internationally for their rubber boots and canvas sneakers, will be celebrating their 120th anniversary in 2011 (catch up on the heritage of the company here). They have also produced an amazing new ad campaign, Swedish Goodness, starring Karl the moose and Oskar the bear. Oskar and Karl have teamed up with the Tretorn team to “celebrate the fact that the great outdoors is never far away” and have become quite the screen stars with clips titled “Hug A Bear” and “Oskar Approved?”. Tretorn’s pop-up shop at Head of the Charles Regatta, in association with The Tannery (a major local footwear/apparel shop) is currently the only Tretorn branded shop in the USA outside of their NYC permanent shop. Their tent is set up at the Weld Exhibition Area near the Weld Boathouse and will be open until 4:30pm tomorrow, Sunday the 24th. It’s supposed be on the chilly side and possibly rain tomorrow so it would be wise to pick up a pair of their incredibly comfortable, durable, and reasonably priced Skerry boots before enjoying a bread bowl of chowda and watching the regatta.


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