Top Shelf Flea Market

Jason McKenzie of Eggs & Wool (the guy with the sick bag) and Alexi of Horrible Old Man (the guy with the sick tie)

James Fox of 10engines getting his shoes shined

An Affordable Wardrobe

Brian Buell of The Last Laugh looking good in a Bean Chamois

Top Shelf Flea Market

Met up with some great people today at the Top Shelf Flea Market. We chatted with James who was helping out at the Affordable Wardrobe shop where Ted found (with the help of Brian) a perfect cornflower blue L.L. Bean chamois shirt for $16. We also made away with an amazing children’s book, ‘The Owl and the Woodpecker’ by Brian Wildsmith, from Swamp Rabbit Books.



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3 responses to “Top Shelf Flea Market

  1. aaah, looks sweet! Looks like Jamesy got into the spirit of things!

  2. Alexi

    And that’s me talking to Jason Mc.

  3. James was completely in his element Sarah. He knocked the socks off everyone with his camo bow tie.

    Alexi, too bad we didn’t get a chance to meet for real at Top Shelf! I did notice your amazing mallard duck tie though 🙂

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