Digby & Iona

When Jessica of The Shiny Squirrel informed me of Digby & Iona‘s exclusive pieces for Madewell (check them out in the jewelry category here), I skipped over to their site to check out all the buzz. With a homepage of colorful and whimsical illustrations, I knew I was on my way to finding some treasures. And I was right! Honesty, I spent about an hour scrolling through all the witty (but decidedly tough) jewelry. Each piece appears to have a story, an adventure, or a memory tied to it; as if it had been dug up from under forest leaves or plucked amongst ocean rocks. Apparently, that’s what Ruff was going for when he started Digby & Iona. Having grown up in the rugged state of Maine, Ruff wanted to create pieces that were inspired by treasure hunting, history, ancient relics, nature, tools, and literature. These elements are prevalent in his collections, with titles such as “The Wood”, “Wanderer in a Sea of Fog”, and “Hunter and the Hunted”. My personal favorites are above, though it was incredibly difficult to chose!


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