Hilton’s Tent City

The infamous Hilton’s Tent City has been a Boston landmark and a premier destination for all of New England since 1947. With four floors chock-a-block with hiking, camping, skiing, and all around rugged apparel and necessities, it’s a mecca for any outdoorsman.  This tried and true shop doesn’t only provide you with the essentials you need to get you up and down Mt. Katahdin or along The Long Trail, it offers you the best of the best and at unbeatable prices. After my visit I walked away with a solid pair of Chippewa boat shoes, a red bandanna, jug of Dr. Bronner’s soap, and a handful of old school North Face pins for $50! Deals aside, the true essence of this shop is its nostalgiac atmosphere. Thanks to their resident “archivist” Jason (not sure if that’s his technical title, but it might as well be!), you’ll find gently used pieces from the glory days out on the floor alongside more current pieces. The store has closets full of treasures and Jason has the lucky task of sifting through the archives and picking out the real gems. Thanks to his investigative work, you may find the same hiking boots you wore as a kid or the exact same puffer coat that got you through highschool. Jason and the rest of the members of the fantastic team at Hilton’s Tent City will make you feel right at home on their four floors.  And if you’re at all like me, you’ll certainly get lost in the splendor of neon rucksacks, vintage made in the USA Carhartt and Woolrich, and old school outdoorsman posters.



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11 responses to “Hilton’s Tent City

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  2. Dan Bacon

    I am a former employee of this great store. Before that as a kid, my dad took me to Hilton’s. I am happy that Jason and the crew- Tony, Dave, Sean and Eric, are showcasing Hilton’s the way it was when I was a kid, with today’s product. There is still nothing in outdoor sports Hilton’s cant get for you and well under retail price. These are great photos and I hope more people support this great institution and its website. I will never shop anywhere else.

  3. Christine's dad

    Hi Daughter
    Your grandfather, my dad took me to this store too. I think I may of a few odds and ends at the cottage in Maine from those days.
    Love Dad

  4. So great to see how many great memories people have from Hilton’s!

    Dad, that’s so cool! Did it look the same then?

  5. Christine's dad

    Yes. Like Aladdin’s Cave, or Smaug’s hoard under the Lonely Mountain.
    I look forward to another visit, as it has been close to 40 years since my last visit.
    Love Dad

  6. That’s my kind of store, with the Mountain Hardware right next to the Barbours. Very nice

  7. And to think I used to get yelled at for digging thru the dead stock 😦

  8. Sam

    This place is incredible. I have to stop there next time I am in Boston.


  9. kfg

    i wonder how the prices compare to the Natick Outdoor store? regardless it beats the other outdoor store on Comm Ave..

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