Widdershins Knits

There has been quite a lot of buzz (especially from Joe Gannon’s and James Fox’s corners of the world) around the knitting of Samantha Colley – her Aran hat in particular has become a trend for the men of the style and blogging world.  So I reached out to her to learn a little about how she fell into knitting, what inspires her, and to share with you the woman behind the yarns of Widdershins Knits.

Samantha picked up knitting when she and her husband Shawn moved from Ohio to Madison, WI and she finally found herself the time to learn. YouTube instructional videos had a big hand in her knitting development, but it’s obvious from her knit pieces that she has a real knack for the craft. It could be her background in painting that makes her knitting so beautiful. Like painting, Samantha enjoys how her knitting evolves, knit after knit. But as she says, “a painting can hang on the wall for people to enjoy, but making an afghan to swaddle a baby is something else,” and her work certainly reflects her appreciation for the craft. She also uses wool bought from local independent shops and made in the USA whenever possible. Check out her Etsy shop Widdershins Knits to find knit hats, mittens, and adorable kids’ sweaters and socks. Maybe you can request a custom hat like her fantastic Ohio pride one above!


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3 responses to “Widdershins Knits

  1. EA Bowden

    Where can I get the wool cardigan?! I want one for my niece.

  2. Christine – Thanks for the lovely post. I truly appreciate it.

    EA Bowden- The wool cardigan was a custom gift, but I’d be happy to make one for your niece. Please feel free to email me at widdershins22@me.com to discuss the details.

  3. Rozalyn

    Well put! Samantha’s knitting style is art at the very core of it, and that’s what gives it such a unique look. Yarn is her medium.

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