Barbour Storm Sweater

During our last trip to Hilton’s Tent City, not only did I make away with some goods and tons of photos for the blog, my boyfriend made like a bandit with this Barbour Storm Sweater. He’d been eyeing his dad’s for years, but had never allowed himself to put down the bones for it. I was going to get it for him for Christmas, but with the amazing October deal Tent City had going on, he snagged it up for himself.  If you can beat your sir to it, I recommend you get this for him for Christmas. I guarantee he’ll be thrilled.



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5 responses to “Barbour Storm Sweater

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  2. HOM

    I’ve got one in green. Damn the thing is warm. Too warm to do any real activity in except lay in a ditch and shoot some ducks, but that’s pretty much what it was designed for.

  3. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that! Haha.

  4. P. Ragic

    What did he end up paying? Looking at one now and haven’t heard anything but good things about em!

    • Ohh, that’s a good question. That was about a year ago now so don’t remember exact number. But it was about 30-40% off. Great team at the store too. Don’t regret any purchases I’ve made there.

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