Eunice Dress

Jen Halter Swimsuit

Paul Desk


Helen Blouse

Arthur Coat Rack


Michael Shirt

I was introduced to the very cool WINTERCHECK FACTORY when CEO and founder Kristen Wentrcek sent me some photos of Rosie the Riveter. She had seen my post on Rosie and was kind enough to share some great photos from her own collection. Wentrcek launched her company in Brooklyn in 2009 and enlisted her closest friends as partners and collaborators. Her concept was simple, “to source, manufacture, and even re-purpose items we want/need in our daily lives with the hope that customers want/need these products as well”. WINTERCHECK’s furniture, accessories, housewares, and apparel all display these elements of functionality while remaining aesthetically pleasing and economically resourceful. Wentrcek sites US manufacturing during WWII, when functionality and simplicity were essential, as a huge source of inspiration. Rosie the Riveter is an obvious icon of this era and is the perfect example of how, “women still had feminine outfits but the clothes became more functional, adapting to their new workplaces and the country’s rationing” – an aesthetic that WINTERCHECK has successfully applied to their clothing. Their designs evoke an era of simple and flattering silhouettes without the unnecessary extravagance that is so common in today’s industry. I’m in love with the simple silhouettes of the clothes and the beautifully unique touches like the silk lined pockets on the Eunice dress and the small zipper pocket on the Jen Halter Swimsuit. Check out the WINTERCHECK FACTORY website to read more about the company, the talented team members, and to shop their dynamic collection.


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  1. Big fan of Wintercheck Factory. I bought these sunglasses at the beginning of the year ( Love them.

  2. Nicole

    I am obsessed with pockets on garments. And pockets on a bathing suit? Well, that’s just genius!

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