Cooking with Apothecary Fox

I am so happy to have family friend Sarah Fox of Apothecary Fox (and sister to James, who has waxed poetic on his sister’s wonderful cooking) share with you all some of her famous recipes for delicious holiday fare here on N’East Style. Just in time for your Thanksgiving menu planning and preparation! Her Vermont and Scottish heritage gives her the best of both worlds when it comes to inspiration in the kitchen and she has quite the reputation for it. First up, we have her incredible spin on the traditional pumpkin pie. It’s not exactly a spin, more of a downright improvement – crumbled graham cracker topping. The real kicker is that she recently created this recipe when she had to bake enough pumpkin pies to feed 60 hungry Vermonters at the annual local Community Dinner. Click here to download her fun and easy to follow recipe!

Next up, homemade eggnog . . . “the boozy kind”.



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4 responses to “Cooking with Apothecary Fox

  1. Christine's dad

    I have had the pleasure of enjoying Sarah’s cooking/baking. Very yummie!
    Maybe she should sell her pumkin pies for Thanksgiving. See you next week.

    • Thanks John. Currently working on Christmas cake and pudding today, although technically should have started this 3 months ago at least. You have to take time to inject them with rum/brandy but I think I can catch up on that! Hope to see you all around Turkey day.

  2. Christine's dad

    Sarah, does that mean you will have to come to church on “stir up Sunday”. The traditional day to give those Christmas cakes one last stir?

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