I came across the exciting collaborative studio LAYERxlayer via twitter recently and went crazy for their collection of innovative bag designs and fun wooden clamps and twigs. I reached out to founders Patrick and Leah to learn a little more about the designers and creators of this cool line. Patrick and Leah keep their shop small and personal making pieces to order with genuine care and consideration. They resource only the best materials and all their pieces are beautifully handcrafted in the U.S.A. Patrick and Leah’s goal is that LAYERxlayer will become a home for designers and artisans where they can resolve design challenges in innovative ways to create pieces that are both fun and functional.  The Wayfarer, for example, solves the most common obstacles for a backpack such as weight, comfort, and functionality. This style is light but sturdy and features multiple innovative elements. The Wayfarer is crafted from 100% USA denim, reinforced with denim rivets, fits to your back by the most comfortable shoulder strap system, and features heavy duty cotton webbing for holding those extra items you pick up along your journey. I look forward to what comes from LAYERxlayer over the coming months and years and expect to see only great things.  Check out their site and blog to learn more about the design and craft behind their collection. And if you are looking for the perfect present for a loved one this holiday season, head over to their Etsy shop!


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