Merck Forest

To get our appetites ready for the Thanksgiving feast today, me and my boyfriend went for a hike up Merck. Merck Forest and Farmland Center in Rupert, VT was founded by George W. Merck. He bought the 2,600 acres in the 1940’s when he saw a need for a vast open land that would be available to the public for hiking and for farming and foresting  demonstrations. Hence the Vermont Forest and Farmland Center (it was renamed after his death) was founded. Since then it has remained open to the public, including the farmland at the base and the hiking trails that lead up the mountain to several campsites and cabins.  This place means so much to me and my family and I always try and visit when I come home. My older brother, an avid outdoorsman, passed unexpectedly in 2001. A few years after his death our family and friends built a cabin at Merck as a memorial of his passion for the outdoors. It’s the perfect place to hike up to in the fall with the foliage or in the winter when you can take advantage of the 360 degree views. If you find yourself up this way, make sure to pay Merck a visit and if you can, make a reservation to stay at Nenorod. You’ll be happy you took the time to kick back and enjoy this amazing forest and farmland center.



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9 responses to “Merck Forest

  1. Christine's dad

    It is so nice to have you & Ted with us for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I think you should let folks know where you got your stylish outfit. The gloves are really sharp.
    Love Dad

  2. what a lovely story. thanks for sharing it!!!

  3. gloves; Spearson’s … from Williams store i am guessing….>???

    great bit mitchell.

  4. Thank you Forefront folks! Happy you enjoyed it.

    James, you’re probably not far off! That or a steal at Mardens. Dad’s a pro at bargains.

  5. Christine's dad

    I may well have purchased the gloves at either establishment, or Reny’s, maybe Ocean City Job Lot?

  6. Gorgeous scenery! Nothing says Thanksgiving like some time spent in the New England wilderness.

  7. Love the red trim on the barn windows. Thanks for sharing. This place is now on my ‘Vermont list’!

  8. erik

    just stumbled upon this page and read the story. friends and i have stayed at Dunc’s before and in a few weeks are staying at Nenorod for the first time. knowing it was built as a tribute has me even more excited – we’ll be sure to honor your brother!

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